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Many insurance companies offer a “non owners policy” for people who drive occasionally but don’t own their own car. Non owners policies typically include liability, medical payments, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages.  It’s important to remember when looking for a non owners insurance policy in Charlotte NC that these policies do not include comprehensive, collision, towing reimbursement, or rental reimbursement coverage.

You can get approximately the same coverage if you buy the limited coverage offered by car rental companies. But if you rent a car for more than, say, 10 days per year, buying a non owners policy is usually more cost effective. A typical non owners policy will cost from $200 to $1200 per year, depending on where you live, your driving record, and various other factors.

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What’s more, a non owners policy provides coverage for any car you drive, not just rental cars. If you borrow a car from a friend and get into an accident in a borrowed car, your friend’s insurance would kick in first. But if, for example, the accident was your fault and the damage to the other driver’s property exceeded the liability limits on your friend’s policy, your non owners insurance policy would cover the excess (up to policy limits).